Emergency Dentistry

When a dental emergency comes up, you need a dentist who is available to help. At Advantage Dental Group, we care for our patients and our community at all times, not just when they have an appointment. If you have a dental emergency, we offer same-day appointments to get that emergency resolved. Working with a dentist for your dental emergency is much better than going to the emergency room. So call us before you try the emergency department or urgent care clinic.

Advantage Dental Group has 20 years of history serving Pueblo, and many of our staff have 20 years or more of experience in the dental field. We practice caring, compassionate dentistry, and welcome new patients for emergency dentistry. If you have a dental emergency, please call (719) 545-1400 now to learn whether we can set an appointment for you today.

Common Dental Emergencies

We treat many common dental emergencies. These include:

  • Serious toothache
  • Pain or swelling in gums
  • Localized hot spot on gums
  • Oozing sore on gums
  • Chipped tooth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Loose tooth
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Food and other objects stuck between teeth

This list of common dental emergencies is by no means complete. If you don’t see your emergency listed, please call us to ask how we can help.

A serious toothache is likely a sign that your tooth is infected. Common symptoms of an infected tooth include spontaneous tooth pain, pain that radiates out from the tooth, swollen areas on the gums, a hot spot on the gums, and an oozing sore on the gums. These may be accompanied by fever. This may be treated with a root canal in most cases.

Tooth trauma can result in many degrees of tooth injury. This includes a chipped tooth, which may be no more than a cosmetic problem, but you may want to fix right away nonetheless. A more serious injury is a cracked tooth, which is serious tooth damage that may have penetrated the interior of the tooth. This may require a dental crown or root canal.

Tooth trauma may also cause a tooth to be knocked loose. Usually, a loose tooth will reattach if it’s been splinted to stay in place. A knocked out tooth can be put back in place, where it may reattach. If a tooth is lost, it can be replaced with a partial denture or a dental implant.

How to Respond to Common Dental Emergencies

If you experience a dental emergency, you might try to take care of it at home at first.

For a toothache, try over-the-counter pain medications. You can also rinse your mouth with warm, salty water to clean teeth and reduce discomfort. Apply an ice pack to the cheek to help control pain and swelling.

If you chip a tooth, try not to swallow the broken pieces. Collect these pieces, although they usually aren’t going to be reattached. Examine the chipped tooth to see if the chip has exposed different-colored material underneath. If so, the chip requires professional care.

Cracked teeth should be seen by a dentist as soon as possible. You can take over-the-counter pain medication and apply ice to the area to reduce discomfort.

A loose tooth should be held in place as much as possible without touching the tooth root. Often, it’s enough to put your teeth together and hold them in place until you get care.

If a tooth has been knocked out, don’t touch the root, even to clean it. If you must clean it, rinse it gently with flowing water. Then put the tooth back in place if you can, or store it between your teeth and gums, in milk, or an approved tooth saver kit.

Why Choose a Dentist for your Emergency Dentistry

If you have any kind of health emergency, it’s normal to think of the emergency department at the hospital or a an urgent care clinic. However, for a dental emergency, it’s best to work with a dentist.

At the emergency department, you may be put off as a result of the clinic’s triage procedures. A dental injury may not be taken as seriously as it warrants, and you may end up waiting a long time for care.

You are also less likely to receive quality dental care at the emergency department. Their goal is to just handle the immediate problem, so they’re going to look for quick solutions. This may mean prescribing you an antibiotic to get infection under control or it may mean pulling a threatened tooth. Neither solution is optimal,

But at the dentist, you will be taken in as rapidly as appointments allow. You’ll receive quality care that is focused not just on resolving your immediate problem, but on protecting and maintaining your smile as a whole. We won’t pull a tooth unless it’s necessary, and if necessary we can offer you a dental implant to replace an extracted tooth.

If you are looking for the best emergency dental care in Pueblo, choose a quality local dental practice staffed by friendly, experienced professionals. Please call (719) 545-1400 or email us today for an appointment at Advantage Dental Group.