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A family dentist provides dentistry for you and your childrenKids have special dental needs, and not all dental practices have the inclination or patience for dealing with them. At Advantage Dental Group, we offer the services kids need, and can draw on our extensive training and long years of experience to ensure that children get the best results from their dental care. Although pediatric dentistry practices are good for very young children, there are benefits in transitioning to a family dentistry practice.

If you are looking for a caring, compassionate family dentistry practice that can safeguard your children’s oral health as well as your own, Advantage Dental Group is right for you. Please call (719) 545-1400 today for an appointment with a Pueblo family dentist.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is a great approach to ensuring the good oral health of both adults and children in your family. That’s because many oral health challenges run in families, so handling the oral healthcare of children and their parents gives us an edge.

Some of this is genetic. Factors like enamel structure, saliva composition, tooth development, and the body’s response to oral bacteria are all determined genetically, so children are likely to experience the same risks as their parents. Knowing this allows us to focus preventive efforts where they will do the most good.

Other challenges relate to the family culture. Children learn oral hygiene from their parents. Parents establish routines of eating and the family diet. Seeing all members of the family helps us pick up on these patterns so we can recommend healthy lifestyle changes that will benefit children and their parents.

A Comfortable and Welcoming Office

For children, one of the most important parts of regular dental visits is just getting comfortable with being at the dentist. Kids pick up dental anxiety from many sources, so it’s best to try to head it off with positive dental experiences from a young age.

Coming to the dentist with you can help with this. Your child sees you get your dental care from the same provider they do, and this helps them feel more safe and comfortable.

Preventive Dentistry for Kids

Children have specific preventive dentistry challenges. Children tend to eat more sugar. They are also less skilled at brushing, and need to be closely supervised until they show they can take proper care of their teeth. Although their risk of gum disease is usually lower, their risk of tooth decay may be higher.

One preventive technique that often helps kids protect their teeth while they’re learning to brush and floss is sealants. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings applied to the permanent molars once they come in. Research shows that sealants can reduce kids’ risk of cavities by nearly 90%, helping them keep their permanent molars healthy and whole for a lifetime.

Because children are more likely to be engaged in competitive sports than their parents, it’s important to make sure they have proper sports mouthguards. Although inexpensive boil-and-bite mouthguards are common, professionally made mouthguards provide more protection and last longer.

When should I consider braces for my child?

You should pay attention to the orientation and spacing of your child’s teeth as they come in. Although some orthodontic treatments start as young as age 4, most children wait until age 7 or older before they start getting orthodontic treatment. In many cases, it’s best to wait until all adult teeth come in, around age 12 or 13. During your child’s regular wellness visits, we’ll look at their teeth and let you know whether it’s time to start braces.

Restorative Dentistry for Kids

Kids have different restorative dentistry needs than adults. Because deciduous teeth (baby teeth or milk teeth) will be lost naturally, we have to factor that into our decisions to restore or remove them. We want to be even more cautious about the use of metal amalgam fillings, which could be more harmful to children.

But it’s vitally important to safeguard children’s permanent teeth as they come in and provide restorative dentistry that is consistent with providing lifetime health, beauty, and function. Our experience and expertise helps us provide all our patients–including kids–with long-lasting and beautiful restorative dentistry.

Are You Looking for a Welcoming Family Dentist in Pueblo?

If you’re looking for a comfortable and welcoming dental practice for your entire family, please consider Advantage Dental Group. With more than 20 years’ history in the community, and with staff that has 20 years or more experience, we are a quality hometown dentistry practice.

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