Tooth Extractions

Smiling, attractive womanWe usually try to preserve a tooth that is damaged or threatened by conditions like gum disease. But sometimes it’s the best thing for your oral health to extract a tooth, especially in the case of wisdom teeth, which aren’t necessary and may cause some serious complications if left in place.

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The most common tooth extraction procedures is the removal of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to come in. They’re technically known as third molars, and they are supposed to come in behind our second molars. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have room for them in our jaws.

This can lead to serious complications, such as:

  • Damage to your other teeth
  • Tumors (typically noncancerous) and cysts
  • Difficulty cleaning
  • Tooth decay
  • Infected teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Crooked teeth and bite changes

Most of these are related to the fact that there’s just not enough room for your wisdom teeth to come in behind your other molars. Coming in, wisdom teeth can get impacted against your other molars, which can damage them and may cause tumors and cysts to grow. Difficulty cleaning your wisdom teeth can cause these teeth to decay and get infected–and that can also impact your other teeth, especially if food is getting stuck between the second and third molar but can’t be removed.

Does everyone need their wisdom teeth out?

No. Not all wisdom teeth will cause problems. But we can usually tell early which ones will, and it’s best to extract them before they fully develop.

Other Reasons Teeth Might Be Extracted

Although wisdom teeth are the most common teeth extracted, other teeth may need to be extracted, too. A tooth might be extracted if it’s badly infected and not considered a good candidate for a root canal.

Sometimes serious gum disease threatens multiple teeth and extracting one or more teeth is the best option for saving others.

A tooth that has been badly cracked by trauma and has a damaged root can’t usually be saved.

It also might just be the smartest option to extract a damaged tooth rather than try to save it, even when it’s technically possible to do so. We’ll talk about the cost, time, and procedures involved in trying to save the tooth, and then you can decide whether you’d rather save the tooth or extract it.

Comfort During Your Extraction

A modern tooth extraction doesn’t come with significant discomfort. Local anesthesia takes care of the physical discomfort of the procedure, and lingering discomfort is typically controllable with over-the-counter medication.

To help with anxiety about the procedure, we utilize nitrous oxide in the office and can prescribe a sedative if necessary.

after a tooth extraction a dentist can provide restoration options

Restore Your Whole Smile

Extraction isn’t the end for your smile. It’s a new start. If you had unhealthy teeth that might have been unattractive, not functional, and painful, you’ll be happier without them. And we offer several tooth replacement options that can help you restore your smile to its former beauty.

Dentures are the most straightforward option for replacing one or more missing teeth. In some situations, a dental bridge is a great way to replace a single missing tooth.

Overall, though, dental implants are the best tooth replacement option, giving you a replacement tooth that is attractive, functional, and can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Give Your Smile a Fresh Start Today

If you have one or more teeth that you think might need extraction, we can help set your smile on the path to restored beauty and function.

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